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Venezuela Facts and Figures
Official Name: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Country Population: 23,865,000
Capital City: Caracas
(1.7 mil) metro (3.5 mil)
Largest Cities: Caracas, Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, Valencia, Ciudad Guayana
Language: Spanish (official)
Official Currency: Bolivar
( El gran Sabor accepts U.S. currency and most major credit cards!)

Captain T
(fonkay wizard)

Captain T has a BFA Degree from the University of South Dakota.
He is a local entrepreneur known for previous projects including
"The Cheshire Cat" which is now known as "CJ Maggie's";
"Captain Tease" which is now known as "El Gran Sabor";
and for his service as manager of the "Icehouse" on
the Davis and Elkins College campus.
He maintains websites for a few selected clients including:

El Gran Sabor

Hair Graphics

Mountain State Slate Roofing

Youth Empowered Solutions, Inc.

Glenville Class of 1962

Captain is presently retired and spends his time between
Elkins, WV. and Melbourne, Florida.

Feel free to contact him on the web at:

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(304) 636-8430


Terry E. Siewert
204 South Randolph Avenue
Elkins, West Virginia 26241
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